Seafood salad with oyster – onion vinaigrette –12,00

Grilled Romain leaf salad with Caesar dressing and cheese crisps – 5,50

Cobb salad with avocado, grilled pineapple, Roquefort cheese and mustard – honey dressing – 8,50

Add to the salad:

grilled beef – 5,40
grilled chicken breast – 2,80
tiger prawns – 5,90
grilled camembert – 2,60


Popcorn battered tiger prawns (6 or 12) – 8,50/16,00

Grilled green asparagus with avocado and cherry tomatoes – 8,50

Texas sauce glazed chicken half wings (6 or 12) – 5,20/9,80

Quesadillas with vegetables and Cheddar cheese – 7,50
Add chicken + 1,40

Snack platter for two: onion rings, chicken wings two ways, home made sausages, pork ribs, cheese sticks, home marinated veggies and 2 different sauces – 14,50

Selection of cheese with rhubarb jam – 12,00


Spicy grilled tomato cold soup – 5,20

Chowder with bacon and shellfish – 7,70

Spicy Tom Kha soup with chicken, vegetables and coconut milk – 8,00

Slow cooked beef soup with beer and beans – 8,20

Main dishes


Chicken breast in Buffalo marinade – 6,90

Grilled corn-fed chicken – 11,80

Charcoal grilled pork ribs with beer glaze (6 or 12) – 9,80/19,50

Charcoal grilled beef rib – 17,80

Surf&turf (beef entrecote with grilled tiger prawns) – 28,00

Lamb rump steak with rosemary butter-fried potatoes – 16,90

Turkey thigh –8,90

Duroc pork chop – 11,80

Home made grill sausage with stuffed potato and coleslaw salad – 11,80

All you can eat: beef entrecote with young potatoes and green salad – 28,00


Cod fish&chips with grilled garlic aioli – 11,60

Grilled tiger trout – 13,50

Grilled striped bass – 14,20

Grilled sturgeon – 16,80

Mussels in “Carbonara” sauce –12,80

Sides (2,90)


Green salad with veggies

Oven-roasted potatoes

BBQ beans with smoked meat

Grilled corn

Baked potato with cheese and herbs

Home made French fries

Sauces (1,30)

Cold: Guacamole, Grilled garlic aioli, Tzatziki, Tomato sauce

Hot: BBQ, Texas, Buffalo, Blue cheese, Red wine


Beef burger with marinated veggies and Cheddar cheese – 10,20

Black burger with lamb – 11,50

Vegetarian burger with red lentils and mango slaw – 7,50


Jambalaya with chorizo, chicken, shrimp and habanero oil – 10,20

Chili con carne – 8,40

Desserts (5,20)

Chocolate cake with peanut butter cream

Coconut ice cream sundae with caramelized pineapple

Ice cream cake with marzipan and fresh berries

Cream cheese dessert with fresh berries and Oreos

Red velvet cake with green tea ice cream


ROOF BAR-B-Q & MUSIC is created with the idea of offering something new, different, tasty and interesting to people of Jurmala and city guests.

We want you to have a place to enjoy great BBQ dishes, refresh yourself with tasty cocktails and dive into rhythms of high quality jazz and blues music or simply be together in a pleasant atmosphere. We have created a place to gladly welcome people, make them feel as if they are dear guests and take care of them.

Use the chance to have lunch if you have come to the Gallery Korso for shopping, entertainment for kids or cinema (which will be right next to the restaurant soon) or visit us on evenings for a delicious meal together with your friends and family.

See you on the roof!