Salads and appetizers

Caesar salad – 5.50

Cobb salad with avocado, blue cheese, dried tomatoes and honey vinaigrette – 8.50
Add to your salad:
+ smoked chicken drumstick 4.20
+ pork ribs 4.50
+ tiger prawns 6.20

BBQ glazed chicken wings
6p – 5.50
12p – 10.50

Garlic bread toasts with cheddar cheese sauce – 4.90

Chicken nuggets in crunchy breading + sauce – 6.50

Baltic herring fish&chips with marinated red onions and ROOF tartar sauce – 6.90

Mussels in tomato – saffron sauce with garlic aioli – 13.60

Fried camembert with plum – ginger chutney and home-baked garlic bread – 9.50

Selection of cheese with home-made jam, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and focaccia – 15.50


Duck bouillon onion soup with smoked cheddar – 6.80

Pumpkin – lemongrass cream soup with tiger prawns – 6.80


Classic – 10.20
beef burger with cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce

Alpine – 11.20
beef burger with raclette cheese and bacon

Latino – 11.20
spicy burger with chorizo and jalapeno mayo

Rudolph – 11.80
venison burger with mushroom sauce and bacon

Fish – 10.60
Cod burger with tartar sauce and marinated onions

Beyond – 12.00
unbelievably tasty vegetarian burger

Main dishes

Chorizo grill sausages with onion rings and BBQ sauce – 9.50

Glazed pork ribs with BBQ sauce and tzatziki – 13.20

ALL YOU CAN EAT ribs – 20.00

Duck leg confit with ginger plums and port sauce – 12.50

Venison pie with mushroom – cream sauce – 12.50

Lamb shank with BBQ sauce and tzatziki – 15.90

Beef entrecote with green peppercorn sauce and confit tomatoes – 21.00

Josper grilled whole plaice with caper – parsley gremolata – 15.90

Cod fish&chips with marinated onions and ROOF tartar sauce – 11.60

Three mushroom open pie with raclette cheese and spinach – walnut pesto – 9.80

Sides (2,90)

Baked potatoes

Glazed root veggies

Potato puree

Leaf salad

Sweet potato fries


Sauces (1,30)


Grilled garlic aioli

Jalapeno mayo

Tartar sauce

BBQ sauce

Cheese sauce

Desserts (5,90)

Apple pie with mascarpone – condensed milk cream

Pumpkin pie with buckwheat popcorn, salted caramel and popcorn ice cream

Quince – honey mirror glaze cake with meringue and pollen

Beze roll cake with mascarpone – chamomile cream and caramelized tangerines

Dark chocolate ganache tartlet with mascarpone ice cream and salted almonds


ROOF BAR-B-Q & MUSIC is created with the idea of offering something new, different, tasty and interesting to people of Jurmala and city guests.

We want you to have a place to enjoy great BBQ dishes, refresh yourself with tasty cocktails and dive into rhythms of high quality jazz and blues music or simply be together in a pleasant atmosphere. We have created a place to gladly welcome people, make them feel as if they are dear guests and take care of them.

Use the chance to have lunch if you have come to the Gallery Korso for shopping, entertainment for kids or cinema (which will be right next to the restaurant soon) or visit us on evenings for a delicious meal together with your friends and family.

See you on the roof!